Zynk Golf

The koncept

  • 3 different length Large, Medium, Petit
  • Shaft up to 60% lighter then market shaft today with soft flex and low torque that works from 50mph – 130mph
  • The light weight helps you to keep the club in a correct position in the backswing and create a better technique
  • Loft are 5° different for each number on the irons PW = 48°
  • Head 10% lighter
  • Large  Mens standard steel shaft so 8 iron are 36,5”
  • Medium = 1,5” Shorter
  • Petit = 1,5” shorter then medium

Feedback from tests

  • Increased swing speed
  • With shorter clubs gives more hits in the sweet spot, more upright swing plane witch gives a better attack angle, better control.